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Jiak Away is a free platform that connects restaurants and users. We want to help streamline and automate the ordering process for restaurants who are providing their own delivery service. With Jiak Away, your restaurant can focus on the preparation and delivery and we will handle the order-taking. New incoming orders will be received via email and Telegram notifications.

Services we provide:

  • Validation of user’s mobile number to minimize fraudulent orders
  • Simple one-time setup for restaurants
  • Convenient ordering process for users
  • Automated order receiving process for restaurants
  • Free to use - no hidden/unwanted transaction and commission fees
  • More exposure - all customers on the platform are your customers too!
  • No commitment required - try it out and if it does not suit your business needs, you can stop anytime

Services we DO NOT provide:

  • Payment collection
  • Delivery

About Us

We are students from the School of Computing, National University of Singapore.

Denzel Chung • Lim Wai Lun • Charmaine Loh • Ong Si Ying

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